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These are just some links i use often.  Good professionals, nice resource centrals or web pages i would invite you to visit.

These are not ment to be advertisements, just a compilation of my favourite sites.


CICE, autodesk authorized center I worked for 8 years. It has been awarded several times as best European Autodesk Centre.

They have an awesome group of certified instructors, and I highly recommend it if you want to learn CG.

3D Infografica. Good place to find out what´s new in CG. Spanish web. 

Escape Technology. Amazing team with top UK guys in technology. Sale, support and deployment of leading digital media technologies.

Phormas. Architecture visualization partner I worked with for many years. It ceased activity and moved to Hong Kong, now it is http://futurecities.hk/


Other links


Nukeros, lots of tuts and useful resources for nuke, in spanish.

It's art. The portal you should always check to be updated in CG.

Creative Crash. I owe so much to this site... thanks! Scripts, plugins, tutorials, models....

Cgtrader. Useful place to find awesome models. Includes a nice 3d printer section.

Autodesk, developpers of most of the softwares i use.

Vue xstream, another of the revolutionary softwares i use. Don't miss their demoreel.

The Area. Autodesk resources, jobs, news and much more

Games Workshop. This has nothing to do with CG, but I am an absolut fan :)