VFX Film Reel
as Environment Artist & 3d generalist (breakdown below)

This is a small compilation of work done for several features. I have many more shots, these are just trying to show a range of different environments.

Films shown: "Exodus, Gods and Kings", "Hercules, the legend begins", "Automata", "The Martian", "Guardians of the GalaxThe Martiany", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "47 Ronin", and "Jungle Book".


Exodus, Gods and Kings. (Riddley Scott, 2014).
Shot 1. (boat) Full environment. DMP, projections, modeling, texturing, lookdev&light, stereo shot.
Shot 2. (beach)DMP Paintover, projections, stereo shot.
Shot 3 (chariot in cliff) Full environment. DMP, Paintover, lookdev, projection of ground.
Shot 4 and 5. (wave). Lookdev, texturing, DMP paintover, lighting.

Hercules, the legend begins. (Renny Harlin, 2014).
Shot 1. (Tyrins day) Done everything except for boats, crowds and cloth. Layout, modeling, texturing, shading and lighting paintover and DMP. Water done entirely in nuke. 
Shot 2. (Tyrins night) Done conversion from previous DMP&Setup. Comp and stereo.
Shot 3. (Tyrins night city interior) Day to rainy night. DMP, set extension, comp, lighting. Everything but the lighting effect.

Automata. (Gabe Ibanez, 2014).
Automata', part of a full CG with paintover canyon used for 180 shots in the film. Done all stages (modeling, texture, light, dmp and projections). Maya, zbrush, vue xstream, photoshop and nuke. Team of 2. 

The Martian. (Riddley Scott, 2015).
Shot 1. (Sunrise) DMP patch, cleanups, projection.
Shot 2. (Sitting). Developped procedural cloud system used for many shots in the film. DMP.
Shot 3. (Landscape with breakdown). DMP, cleanup, projection.
Shot 4. (Dustdevils). DMP, Set extension, clouds.
Shot 5. (Station). DMP, Set extension, projection.
Shot 6. (Vehicle). Cleanup and beard.

Shot 6. (Tornados) Full environment (Dmp, projection, animation), beard.

'Passengers' (Morten Tildum, 2016).
(Only showing shots I worked included in the trailer, as DVD is still unreleased)
Lead artist with a small team, and also working on several sequences.

Shot 1. (Spaceship) Establishing shot of the spaceship. Main responsable for one of the three blades in the ship. Helped in developping space setup.
Shot 2, 3, 4, 5. (Grand Plaza). Modeling, texturing, lighting & lookdev (some shots), DMP when required, holograms, projections.
Shot 6,7,8,9,10. (Swimming pool). Modeling and texturing and some lookdev for the environment.

'47 Ronin' (Carl Rinsch, 2013)
Worked doing stereo matchmove, body tracking and layout modeling for the final battle sequence. Matchmoving with 3DE4, then bodytracking in Maya, and adding all layout geo.

'Guardians of the Galaxy' (James Gunn, 2015)
Sequence 1. (Crashsite). Done texturing for the crashed spaceship and Debris, Lookdev, paintover, render and and precomp.
Sequence 2. (Xandar City). Worked in lookdev for some buildings, layout for a sector of the city, render and precomp with deep passes. Tuned the renders of all Xandar to make them renderable and non-flickering. For some shots, created the fake water simulations in nuke for distant cameras. Maya, vray, nuke. 

'The Jungle Book' (John Favreau, 2016)
For the whole duration of the film, worked on several disciplines:
- modeling. Rocks, many rocks. Small rocks, large rocks. Pointy rocks, round rocks, any shape imaginable. Mainly Zbrush and maya.
- texuring. Rocks, grounds and any unorganic thing I could find. Doing hundreds of variations with different speculars for dry and wet
- layout and scattering. Placing rocks and scattering stones, leaves and plants around.
- scripting. Building a few tools to help the texturing with nuke and python.

Many of the shots shown are done as part of a team. I would need to thank many other artists that have worked on some of these shots adding their talent.
Also, I have collaborated on dozens of other shots that I can not show in this showreel.
Any inquiry or question not covered in the breakdown, please send me an email and I can extend the description for any particular sequence, project or even shot.

Special thanks to 3 guys in MPC who I have learned much from: Marco Genovesi (HOD), Marco Rolandi (Environment Supervisor), and Stefano Cieri (computer guru).

VFX Personal Work reel

Compilation of some personal work, unreleased film shots or concept environments did between 2012 and 2013.
Some of these shots are still in concept stage and still need a lot of refining, or were simply discarded (removed from final release version).

The Sherlock Holmes backplate was courtesy of framestore, done while I was working there, but it is not the actual shot shown in the film. The character roto was done by the framestore roto team. The rest (model, track, lighting and compositing) was done by me. 
The timelapse shot is done over a footage filmed by Christian Clavadetscher. I did the modeling, texturing, lighting, roto, tracking and compositing.
The rest of the shots are fully done by me.