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Architecture visualizations

Some of these images I did them for training purposes, others were done working with 'Phormas', an archviz company I have been working for many years. Now this company has merged with futurecities and expanded to Asia. I still collaborate with them as freelancer when overloaded.

Basically I have worked in all stages, from modeling to final comp. Everything here was done with 3ds max and vray.

If you want any architectural rendering, please contact me, or directly to the company management: hello@futurecities.hk

There are many more images in our portfolio, but due to copyright reasons, I can only show a few of them. The private reel of the company has several more images & animations.

Game cinematics and 3D generalist work. Breakdown below.

Here is an old compilation of stuff I did. It is not looking for photorealism (for that purpose I have the vfx reel).
The space hulk trailer is an uncompleted project. I did absolutely everything within, but I couldn't finish and some stuff needs still a lot of work. It was fun doing it, but the project was cancelled. The good thing was doing all stages of production, from the basic layout to the comp stage.

This is from the year 2011...



Environment shot breakdown

The challenge was to do this shot in 3 days, including all stages (modeling, dmp...) . Really old project (2011), but has a nice breakdown to show reprojection of high res.