The web version does not contain the referrals or extended information about some projects, due to privacy and copyright reasons. Please contact me for extended information, I will send a PDF version with extended descriptions and referrals if appropiate.


DNEG- Environment / Generalists Supervisor
December 2017- To Present

"DEVS". Directed by , as as Environment Supervisor for DNEG.

- Environment Supervisor for full series.


"Dark Crystal". Directed by , as Environment TD.

- Technical Shots with Houdini for final episode.


"Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw". Directed by , as Environment Supervisor for DNEG.

- Environment Supervisor for London sequences.
- Tool development
- DMP & CG Artist for over 30 shots.


"Fantastic Beasts: The crimes of Grindelwald". Directed by David Leitch, as Environment Supervisor for DNEG.

- Environment Supervisor for all Dneg shots. (EnvTDs and DMP artists)
- Tools and Master setups development.


DNEG- DMP Supervisor
May 2017 to December 2017

"Pacifc Rim: Uprising". Directed by , as DMP supervisor for DNEG.

- DMP Supervisor for MegaTokyo Sequence.
- Tool development
- DMP & CG Artist for over 40 shots.


MPC- Lead Environment Artist
February 2016- May 2017

"Transformers 5. The Last Knight". Directed by , as lead DMP/Environment TD for MPC.

Actually working as team lead for the environment department.


"Passengers". Directed by , as lead DMP/Environment TD for MPC.

A years' work. Team lead, DMP and environment TD artist work.



MPC- Senior Digital Matte Painter & Environment TD
March 2015 -February 2016

"The Martian". Directed by , as senior DMP/Environment TD for MPC.

Worked as senior 3ddmp artist. My main tasks were:
- DMP for a few shots.
- Building a tool for nuke to create shot based procedural clouds
- Some generalist tasks (adding beards...)


"The Jungle Book". Directed by , as DMP/Environment TD for MPC.

Still in progress, so can't say much. Combining artist work and a lot of rnd...



MPC- Digital Matte Painter & Environment TD
March 2014 - April 2015

"Guardians of the Galaxy". Directed by , as DMP/Environment TD for MPC.

Worked in two builds, Xandar & Crashsite, doing artist work (texturing, lookdev and paintovers) as well as pure TD tasks (layout, projections, render optimization). As a specialist in vray (used in many environment renders), I helped with the render of Xandar city as one of the biggest builds developped in MPC.

Using Maya (vray), Mari, Photoshop and Nuke.


"Exodus, Gods and Kings". Directed by , as DMP/Environment TD for MPC.

Worked in several shots for the cofete road and the beach sequence. As artist, doing modeling, texturing and lookdev as well as DMP work. As a TD I only helped troubleshooting render passes, deep passes, stereo shots and multicamera projections.

Using Maya (vray), Mari, Photoshop and Nuke.


Worldwide FX - Digital Matte Painter & Environment TD
August 2013 - To present

"Automata". Directed by , as DMP/Environment TD sequence lead for Worldwide FX.

Worked as sequence lead for the canyon, with over 180 shots. Modeling, texturing, lookdev&lighting, dmp and comp. I did several nuke tools for the sequence management, projection rendering and pass compositing.

Using Maya (vray),Zbrush, Vue Xstream, Photoshop and Nuke.


"The Expendables 3". Directed by , as DMP/Environment TD for Worldwide FX.

Shortly worked doing 3d setup and concept matte painting for the initial stage of the film.

Using Maya, Photoshop and Nuke.


"Hercules, the legend begins". Directed by , as DMP/Environment TD for Worldwide FX.

Responsable for the city of Tyrins CG environments. Done entirely except for crowds & simulations. From layout, modeling, texturing, lighting, paintover, DMP and comp.

Using Maya (mental ray), Photoshop and Nuke.


ATOMIC ARTS. 3D Generalist
May 2013 - August 2013

- 3D & Environements for commercials.(tesco, cartoon network beasthunters, gilette)
- Previs, lighting & environment.

"Montana". Directed by, as compositor for Atomic Arts.

Working in the sauna sequence. Doing cleanup, ambience, gunshots and tracking.

Using Nuke.


FRAMESTORE. Stereo Matchmover.
November 2012 – March 2013

"47 Ronin". Directed by , as Tracker for Framestore.

Stereo matchmoving, body tracking, object tracking and layout modeling.

Using 3DEqualizer, maya and nuke.


Escape Technology. Trainer
June 2015-to present

Occasional trainer for Escape for high spec. studio training. Working for Foster & Partners instructing 3ds max, vray and general pipeline/workflow.

CICE, Lighting and architecture HoD.
July 2004 – May 2012

Responsabilities: Keep technologies updated, train instructors and students, develop pipelines, solve technical issues, supervise the set modeling and CG lighting for production.
Instructor of the following topics:
- Modeling (sets, characters and hard surface. 3ds max, maya, z-brush, mudbox).
- Digital environments and matte painting (Photoshop, Vue, Nuke).
- Texturing (Photoshop, z-brush, mudbox, deep paint, some mari).
- Ligting (V-Ray, Mental Ray)
- Compositing (Nuke, Combustion)
- Stereoscopy (Nuke)
- Tracking and Matchmove (Boujou, nuke)
- Photography and HDRI creation.

3ds max, V-Ray (maya and max) demo artist for Autodesk

Demo artist for several events:
- 3ds max design 2009-2011, official release roadshow (Madrid, Sevilla, Barcelona, Valencia)
- Gamelab (2011, Barcelona)
- Animadrid (2007-2010) Lighting speaker, Jury.
- V-Ray , official release roadshow (2008 - 2011)
- Community day (2010, Madrid)
- V-Ray 2.0, official release roadshow (Colombia, Bogotá and Medellín, 2012)

CG Freelance - Freelance services

Freelance for many architecture and advertisement companies, such as:

Improbablefilms (TV spot for addison, rigging and animation, 2012)
Metro de Madrid (TV spot, filming and compoiting, 2012)
Phormas (Architecture rendering, compositing, 2009-2012)
Aena (Airport modeling. Pipeline developping. 2010-2011)
ADPI (Architecture visualizations for the Jeddah airport, 2010)
Areen (Architecture visualizations, 2010)
Ikea ( Interior design visualizations, 2010)
Foster&Partners (Architecture visualizations, 2008)
Idom (Architecture visualizations for several projects, 2007-2008)
Juan Navarro Baldeweg (Architecture visualizations, 2005)
Gabriel Allende (Architecture visualizations, 2005)
Camel (Commercial product visualizations, 2005)
Madpix (Commercial product visualizations, 2005)
Gold Coast (Commercial product visualizations, 2005)
Lamela (Architecture visualizations & videos, several projects, 2004-2007)
Telefónica (Commercial for IFEMA event, 2004)
Ministerio de Fomento (Architecture visualizations, 2004)
Luis Feduchi (Architecture visualizations & videos 2003)
Renfe (Architecture visualizations & videos, 2002)

Ar3 - Architecture visualizations supervisor
June 2000 - February 2004

Supervisor of architecture and commercials. 3D head of department (leading a team of 10 empolyees). Instructor.


Art & Build, Architecture Visualizer
September 1998 - July 2000

Architecture visualizer.




Published books and video-tutorials:

3d Studio MAX 2.5, Anaya Multimedia. (november 1998, 607 pages. Authors: Ignacio Thomas, Javier Bootello Burgos).

3D Studio MAX 3, Anaya Multimedia. (june, 2000. 751 pages. Authors: Ignacio Thomas, Javier Bootello Burgos).

Vue Course, e-on. (june 2009, 12 hours videotutorials).